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Welcome To Kaomailanna

Kaomai Lanna Hotel and Resort is a unique boutique accommodation on the route from Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. Our rooms are renovated from the former tobacco curing barns, decorated in contemporary Lanna style with colonial style teak wood antique furniture.

Brick Room


Brick Room

The architecture and interiors design was bringing back to the feeling of the tobacco curing eras.



Butterfly Room


Butterfly Room

The concept design was derived from the original tobacco curing barns high ceiling.



Kaomai Deluxe


Kaomai Deluxe Room

Thai traditions style of sleeping on a mattress on the teak wood floor

provided for the Twin bed with mosquito nets.


Superior Room


Superior Room

The upper and lower level rooms are furnished in 4 unique ways.

Antique Teak wood bed for Twin bed only.


Hotel facilities

Kaomai Lanna Facilities

New Restaurant "Po Liang Bistro"

Kaomai Lanna Facilities

Spa & Wellness

Thagarn Spa -Northern & Thai Local Wisdom

An outstanding place in a wooden house for relaxing Rejuvenating and Detoxifying. Our homestyle spa where will make you feel like home.

Among the spacious green environment. Try our Signature treatment by adopted the traditional lanna healing wisdom and natural ingredients.

Kaomai Lanna Facilities

Yoga Sala & Shop

Our Complimentary yoga class to the hotel guests available up on advance request only. We advice to book for the class in advance with the minimum 15 days before the date.

Please note we are closed on Wednesday. For more informations please contact us at email : or contact our receptions.

Kaomai Lanna Facilities

Swimming pool

The pooldeck becomes a space for the enjoyment and relaxing. Guest can chill out with snacks and cool cocktails served at the bar or refresh their body in the swimming pool with hydro-massage jet area.

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Kaomai Lanna Facilities

Artist Service

Our service are operate as a combined service and also exhibiting space that would suit emerging artist wanting to develop their professional practice and promote their work in a creative environment.

ART & HANDICRAFT Class/Workshop offers:
Sculpture Painters and other paper artists.

Wood Carving Workshop 2 Days
Hand Made Paper 1 Day
Doll Making Workshop Half Day

Kaomai Lanna Facilities

Kaomai Lanna Map

Kaomai Estate 1955 covers a lush green heritage-filled area of more than 18 acres.. Our diverse planting ensures there are different colors and moods for every season.. Photographers will definitely enjoy walking around the estate.

History & Heritage

Kaomai Lanna Resort is perfect for the true nature lover. Surrounded by a big, beautiful tropical garden in Chiang Mai, the resort features unique rooms converted from real tobacco curing barns and furnished with colonial style antique furniture.

50 years ago the tobacco industry in the northern part of Thailand reached its peak, and tobacco farms and curing barns flourished. But time passed and things changed. 30 years later other developments came; the tobacco curing barns faded from the northern part of Thailand, replaced by orchards and real-estate projects. Most of the barns were destroyed but it was decided that at least a few reminders from the old days should be remain. So 18 old barns were converted into 36 lively guestrooms in a peaceful garden and became known as the charming Kaomai Lanna Resort.

Kaomai Lanna Community Project

We are a small business, happily opened to work with the local neighbors to sustainably support our community.