Level 2 Facilitator Training & Retreat

Deepening program for all DANCEmandala facilitators

3 - 13 February 2020


It’s Areeradh here.I’m glad you are reading this page!

The Level 2 training is available once a year around February – offering an opportunity for you to deepen your movement practice, visit your Chiang Mai home, re-union with dancing family and meet new facilitators. Come back to reconnect to your dance and take time to explore newness and the spirit of this path of heart. January & February period is a DANCEmandala season where there’ll be a session most days of the week for you to explore. I hope you come back to discover the Spirit and Bliss spirals and gather together again in Dance!

Welcome all facilitators to participate

Everyone whom has completed the Level 1 is welcome to join this training even if you don’t run a regular DANCEmandala class where you are. Your personal practice is important to me. I advice that you stay connected to your own dance. Do your dance mandala in your living room at least once a week and keep your journal as I may invite you to provide a short reflection before the start of the Level 2 course. For the level 2 people if you wish to return to discover more you’re welcome to join again too.

Outline for February 2020 L2 Residential 10 day Training and Retreat

The up-coming training is residential and will spread over 10 days. The number of contact hours with Areeradh where we will meet in group face-to-face is 50 hours. You will have an opportunity to attend at least extra 6 sessions of dance with the level 1 graduating team. The last 2 days of the program is your L2 graduation festival. Detailed schedule will be provided soon.

Cost for training and meals package

THB22,000 training fee including breakfast, lunch and evening refreshment (smoothie or soup)

Cost for training, meals and accommodation package

THB29,500 all inclusive with a private room accommodation

Plan your visit early and get the most out of your course

Please register your interest or apply now at : info@dancemandala.com

Should you have any question do feel free to email me.

Much love and warm wishes,



Email : Service Kaomailanna

Tel. 086 428 7481